Tallahassee Police Department Makes Drug Arrests

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Press Release from TPD:

The Tallahassee Police Department Special Investigations Section developed probable cause and obtained a search warrant for apartment A201 at 1010 Basin Street following several complaints from concerned citizens. Ms. Anita Donaldson and her four children, ages 11-16, were inside the residence when the warrant was served on Wednesday, February 10th, at approximately 4:48PM. Investigators located just over 600 grams of cannabis, 98 MDMA tablets totaling 31 grams and less than one gram of cocaine inside the residence, along with drug paraphernalia indicative of the sale of narcotics.

The investigation determined Donaldson and her 16 year old son, Tramayne Bradley were engaged in the sale of drugs from their apartment. They were both arrested and the other children living in the apartment were taken into the custody of the Florida Department of Children and Family Services.

Anita Donaldson, BF, 9/23/76
Tramayne Bradley, BM, 3/7/93

Trafficking MDMA, Possession Cannabis WITS within 1000’ Public Housing, Possession Cocaine, Child Neglect, Maintaining Drug House, Possession Paraphernalia

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