Newly Elected Florida Bar President

An honor bestowed upon no other Tallahassee lawyer since 1965 will be announced this week. Friday, Kelly Overstreet Johnson will be sworn in as the Florida Bar President, and fittingly, Johnson says her goal as president is to raise the bar.

Friday, Kelly Overstreet Johnson will make history as she takes the helm of the Florida Bar, history because she will be the first Tallahassee lawyer elected as president since 1965, as well as the third female president in the organization's 55-year existence.

Kelly Overstreet Johnson says, “I was the first female president of the Tallahassee Bar Association, past president of the Women's Bar Association.”

An FSU Law School graduate, she's practiced in Tallahassee for 22 years. Johnson says the Florida Bar is an important organization, one that polices lawyers which takes most of the money and time.

“We handle any lawyer who's had a complaint by a client or done something they shouldn't have, we initiate the discipline.”

Tallahassee Bar president Nina Ashenafi says Johnson is an inspiration not only for women, but for all lawyers.

Nina Ashenafi says, “And it’s all volunteer, she will be working countless hours, it’s not a glamorous job, but she's doing it because she has a vision for improving the legal profession.

There are 74,000 members of the Florida Bar. Johnson, who is also a proud mother of three-year-old twins, will serve as president for one year.