Georgia Unemployment Rate Drops

New job figures released by the government are giving Georgia job hunters something to smile about.

Economists with the Georgia Department of Labor for Lowndes County consider themselves fortunate to have an unemployment rate about three percent lower than the national average.

Susan Dukes, the Career Center manager, says, "We have a very diverse economy here. We have strong, strong hiring from out retail hospitality sector. We've also had several manufacturers that have added people in the last few months."

The Department of Labor thanks new area businesses for creating many new jobs for local residents.

"It’s always good to see new folks come in and see your existing businesses being able to add and grow. We have a Best Buy coming to this area and they'll be opening hopefully by the end of the summer."

Local residents feel Valdosta and Lowndes County have much to offer people searching for a job.

Allen Worthy, a Valdosta resident, says, "A lot of things have happened for Valdosta to grow a lot and to bring new jobs into Valdosta. Hopefully that will enable people to get jobs that they need and want and help the economy."

Officials say the creation of several hundred new jobs in the Valdosta area alone shows promising signs of a recovering economy, and there's more good news for all Georgians. The unemployment rate for the entire state of Georgia was at 3.9 percent. This is about 1.5 percent lower than the national rate.