Security Warning for College Students With Laptop Computers on Campus

Right now, there is nothing etched in stone, but members of FSU’s Police Department have begun training to combat the potential rise in computer related theft.

FSU student Christopher Bell says his laptop computer always stays with him.

"If I go to the bathroom, I hang it on the hooks that are on the stalls. It is always with me. There's no way I'd let it out of my sight,” Bell comments.

An official with FSU’s Strozier Library says there are discussions right now within the Department of Student Affairs and the registrar's office about making it mandatory for FSU students to have laptop computers.

"When I was a student, way back, the computers we had, there was no Internet with them,” explains LT James Russell of the FSU Police Department.

LT Russell is aware of the current talks, and says the Police Department has begun training for the possible increase in computer related theft.

"Now computers have all kinds of purchasing information, credit numbers, possibly even social security numbers, passwords, all kinds of things that open up a lot of information about somebody on them,” says LT Russell.

A wealth of information, which could open the door to identity theft.

"A laptop could get up and walk away if you're not watching,” LT Russell adds.

LT Russell says for the time being, students should always keep an eye on their lap-top computers, and install a "firewall" or virus protection program to help prevent hackers from obtaining any personal information.