Leon County Concerned Over Pollution of Lake Lafayette

That ruling from DEP last January provided for how much pollution would be allowed in upper Lake Lafayette before it was deemed dangerous.

The ruling didn't sit well with Leon County. The county claims what DEP constituted contamination was too low. The City of Tallahassee however said the rule was one that could be worked with until more research can be done.

Theresa Heiker, chief of storm water engineering in Leon County, says, "We think this means the department is serious about protecting our waters and we are looking forward to working with them to reach the levels that will protect the lake."

Debbie Lightsey of the City of Tallahassee Commission, adds, "We would have been fine if DEP went forward because that would have meant we could start cleanup sooner, but this could mean better data and a better rule."

The DEP says it will go back do more research and make a new ruling. The DEP also says there's a chance the standards will be higher, which is what the county is asking for.