Grady County Help Agency

One place in the Peach State trying to improve the quality life for some is facing some hard times of its own. Volunteers in Grady County are turning to the community for help.

The Grady County Help Agency provides an invaluable service for folks who, volunteers say, have no one else to turn to during hard times

Cindy Johnson of the Grady County Help Agency says, "We have people who arrive here looking for a better life. They may have only the clothes on their back. Children can't help that their parents are out of work, they're hungry, they need diapers."

Food, clothing and financial services are provided to folks if they qualify.

Eloise Clark is one of about 600 people a month who rely on the agency.

"It helps me out with my kids to get stuff they need and I can't afford to buy in the store," she says.

There is no Salvation Army or Goodwill in Grady County, so this agency is especially important to needy folks here. Volunteers are in need of donations to keep providing these services.

"We always have people express need for food. It's hot out there. We could always use fans for our elderly. It's tough times, we need all the help we can get," says Cindy.

Volunteers say in these tough times they're turning to the community to help them continue to help others. More than 6,000 people were served last year by the organization. For more information about donating to the Help Agency call 229-377-2709.