FSU Trophies Stolen

Florida State University has a mystery on its hands following the theft of two solid crystal trophies. Both the 1993 and 1999 National Championship football trophies were stolen right out of their display case next to coach Bobby Bowden's office.

Police say they are looking into every angle possible. Fans say they're disgusted. It's possible that something of value to one is absolutely worthless to another.

Rob Wilson, FSU’s assistant athletic director, says, "The only value is what it is. It's of no value to anybody outside of athletics, you know. Is it a senseless act of kids or is it a deliberate act of someone who wants it?"

Florida State Police want to know what happened to the crown jewels from the display case, the 1993 and 1999 National Football Championship trophies.

MAJ Longo with the Florida State Police says, "We have some leads we're following up on, but at this point we have no suspects at this time."

FSU Police aren't saying much more than that.

Rob Wilson says, "It's an active investigation, so we really not sure what we should and shouldn't say."

Corey Fuller was on the 1993 National Championship team. He says someone has stolen the hard work of a lot of young men, coach Bowden and his staff. Fans have a similar opinion.

Holly Folley says, "That's really close to home. I go to all these football games and see them working hard for them. Who would come in and take our stuff?"

Mike Hysler adds, "I can't believe that someone would actually take something that we actually earned. It's the hardest fought for football trophy in America. To earn it and have it stolen is the most disrespectful thing I think."

FSU Police say that a private company provides security for the third floor during the night hours and weekends. That security guard of course has been questioned.

There were no cameras. The trophies and rings and other memorabilia were in a temporary location because of all the construction going on around campus.