Music Video Opportunity

It never hurts to try. A Florida State University student is in California this summer after winning a nationwide contest. Thanks to her persistence and talent, the FSU music major has won the chance to help produce a popular band's next music video.

Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Aerosmith, these are all videos created by renowned music video director Dave Meyers, and sitting next to him is FSU music major Candace Culcleasure who entered a internship competition.

Candace's FSU commercial music professor Brian Gaber couldn't be more excited. She is one of 16 college students across the nation who will work on popular alternative band Hoobastank's next video, and director Dave Meyers will be her mentor.

Dave says, “Having gone through film school myself, there's a lot of learning the camera and etc. She'll get a real understanding of how it works.”

The competition was called the Mastercard "Priceless Experience" internship. Candace says her future in the music industry is still up in the air but feels this experience will help guide her in the right direction.