Barwick Shooting

Residents in one quiet south Georgia community are questioning their safety after a drive-by shooting Thursday night. Some say the violence was the outcome of a week-long fight. Others say the victim was simply an innocent bystander.

Based on witnesses’ descriptions of the car used in the drive-by, investigators from the Thomas County Sheriff's Office and the GBI brought in the car's owner, 26-year-old Zanthony Clark of Boston. They say he admitted to the crime late Friday afternoon.

Friday afternoon the stretch of Kendrick Street is relatively empty, a contrast to the crowds that gathered there after Thursday night's drive-by shooting.

Dwight Daniels, the victim's cousin, says, "When I came to look he was just laying on the ground bleeding. He had his eyes open and everything, but he was in so much pain."

Investigators believe 21-year-old Medgar Hamilton was fired at by a shotgun from this car and hit in the upper right torso.

LT Tim Watkins of the Thomas County Sheriff's Office says, "There was a fight last Friday night at the Boston Community Center and we believe the shooting stemmed from that fight last Friday night."

Members of the victim’s family say they believe he was just caught at the wrong place at the wrong time. They say he was hanging out alongside a fence when the suspect or suspects shot him and he fell.

Olivia Davis, the victim's cousin, says, "I'm really scared to walk the streets. The only reason I'm coming out tonight is for church."

Investigators say the victim is in stable condition at Archbold Hospital. So far, other than witnesses’ descriptions, they haven't found any evidence linking this car to the crime.

Investigators say they're looking to talk to two suspects, but if anyone has any information regarding the crime, please call the Thomas County Sheriff's Office at 229-225-3348.