Mega Millions Drawing

Long lines are the order of the day at stores across Georgia as the Mega Millions Lottery $177 million jackpot drawing is just hours away.

Many of those lines are being filled with Floridians ready to cash in on the big prize. The lines have been steadily growing all afternoon as folks make the drive from around our area for a chance at the easy life.

The excitement over the Mega Millions Lottery is reaching a fever pitch as folks begin to envision $177 million in their bank account.

Phillip Stewart, a Florida resident, says, "That jackpot, I'd figure I'd give it a try. I'm only a short distance from Georgia, so I'd give it a try, see what kind of luck I might have. Just 10 Quick Picks. That should be enough. I'm not going to go overboard with it too much."

Picking out numbers for this huge jackpot has become a family affair as even the youngest kids have a good idea of what they want their dad to do with the winning. Some have other ideas on how they would spoil their families should they end up holding with winning ticket at the end of the night.

Robert Teegen says he’d, "Give most of it away. My mom will get half and then I'd pay off my house. I'd put a fence around her land and I'd probably go to very NASCAR game from now until I die."

No matter where you live, you still have plenty of time to get some of these Mega Millions Lottery tickets here in the Peach State. The drawing is at 11 p.m.