Disabled Scout Troop StaysTogether

Troop 33 is a special troop made up of disabled men and women that was almost forced to kick the women out. Thanks to our viewers, this troop will remain co-ed.

Troop 33 meets each Wednesday. It is open to men and women with mild to profound disabilities who say the co-ed troop just makes scouting more fun.

"They give us support like we give them support and it's kind of special to have the two combined,” comments Nate Sailor of Troop 33.

But this troop was on the verge of becoming men only, because it’s female leader left town to take a new job and they couldn't find a replacement, until their story aired on WCTV.

"Helping people with disabilities makes you feel so fortunate every day,” explains Angie Bradshaw of Troop 33.

Angie Bradshaw heard about the troop's plight on our newscast, volunteered and will be going with the scouts this weekend on an overnight co-ed camping trip.

"They are very very excited. They were really worried and every time I came to meetings they were like 'Are you going to stay?' Yeah, I'm going to stay. So they're very excited,” Bradshaw adds.

Now that they have a female troop leader to join longtime male leader Andy Waters, Troop 33 is together again.

Troop 33 is open to all men and women with disabilities, and they could always use additional volunteers. The troop leader sent a big thank you to our viewers, saying without you, they wouldn't be together.