Controversial Documentary Opens in Tallahassee

This one is called Fahrenheit 9/11 and those few who have seen it before Friday say it's a harsh review of the president.

We didn't get a chance to speak to everyone coming out of Thursday’s first showing but for everyone we did speak with, they say they loved it.

But there are some who say they won't be buying a ticket for their own reasons.

So what's the appeal here?

"Because I don't believe this country is going in the right direction. I think we need a change and I want to hear what Moore has to say,” says movie-goer Bonnie Wakeman.

To other's the film is unappealing.

"I haven't see any of Michael Moore's work, but regarding this movie, once we get past the hoopla people will see it for what it is which is propaganda,” comments Joseph Agostini, from the Republican Party of Florida.

"I think it was wonderful, I laughed I cried but most importantly, it made me think, and everyone should see this film,” Wakeman adds.

"With any film that is supposed to be a documentary, I'm always skeptical of what I see,” Agostini says.

Miracle 5 Movie is the only place in Tallahassee where you can catch the film, the theater will have four showings a day.