Rough Weather

In the middle of a storm lightning strikes all around. It's a typical afternoon for Tallahassee police officers, but for one it could have been deadly.

Officer Shannen Brown ended up in a Tallahassee emergency room when a white flash struck nearby.

Lieutenant Edward Smith with the Tallahassee Police Department says, "It did cause officer Brown to be disoriented, we called an ambulance who took officer Brown to the hospital. She was evaluated treated for some stiffness throughout her body. She was released."

Brown was trying to clear traffic during a storm where wind and lightning had toppled trees on top of Orange Avenue. When storms strike, rescuers don't have the option of staying indoors, but they can be prepared. Protection agencies actually keep an eye on the radar so that they get alerts and are able to get everyone throughout the storm.

Tallahassee Fire Station Two also stays on alert.

Lieutenant Robert Obernier says, "We get alerted if there is a severe storm watch, we'll get an alert through our emergency management dispatch and that kind of gets us mentally prepared for what's coming."

Prepared so that they can keep the rest of us safe, but as Officer Brown discovered, they remain in the line of fire. Doctors are hoping Officer Brown will be able to return to work this week.