Shooting Follow-up

Meanwhile, the South Side Community mourns the loss of a son, a neighbor, and someone many called a peaceful man. The scene, early Sunday morning after shots rang out on South Meridian Road.

A 911 call from a man giving himself up to police turned deadly in a matter of seconds.

Lieutenant Edward Smith of Tallahassee Police Department says, "A man came from the shadows carrying an ax, threatened the officer, the officer gave verbal command to stop, he didn't the officer discharged his firearm."

The victim was 45-year-old Louis Green Junior. Neighbors knew him as a gentle man and say he would never deliberately try and harm an officer.

Tonya Roberts witnessed the shooting and says, "I don't feel like he threatened his life, he could have given a warning shot or taken him to jail."

But there are some theories circulating questioning the victim's mental state. The father even says he's come home to find his son had overdosed and needed medical attention. Mr. Green also says his son was having marital problems.

Which brings up another possibility known as "suicide by cop." Defined as someone in dire straits committing an unlawful act to help assist their own death.

Smith says, "If you look at statistics nationwide you can think of no reason for shooting to occur except that the person wanted the officer to shoot them."

Lewis Green, the victim's father says, "I hate that but if he had that ax he wanted to die, if he had that ax."

Russell Huston is the officer involved and has been placed on administrative leave. The case is under criminal investigation, an internal investigation, and the state attorney's office has been notified.