Health Matters: Robotic Pharmacy

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Many may be surprised to hear that between four and five percent of all prescriptions are filled incorrectly in the U.S. on an annual basis.

New technology in the pharmaceutical industry isn't simply concentrated on manufacturing medications, it's making their delivery faster and more reliable as well.

While there have been numerous advancements in pharmacies over the years, the use of robotics may be one of the most important changes yet.

Arlene Elliott, registered pharmacist at capital regional medical center, said, “I've been a pharmacist for 23 years and I've been from typewriters to computers and now to being able to work in a robotic pharmacy is the best experience that I've had.”

This new generation of pharmacist is fast, accurate and can work several shifts consecutively without a break.

Don Killingsworth, pharmacy director at capital regional medical center, said, “robotic pharmacy is a mechanism by which we can deliver medications by utilization of bar code technology and laser scanning. We have it to ensure patient's safety and prevent medication errors that possibly could occur otherwise.”

This computerized pharmacy offers a wide array of benefits to both the pharmacist and patient including the automatic verification of the appropriate prescription, identity of the patient and specific count of tablets per prescription.

The robotic pharmacy not only increases productivity and prevents mistakes, it frees pharmacists from mundane tasks so that they can deliver better care to their patients.

Revolutionizing the way prescriptions are filled, computerized robotics in the pharmacy are also enhancing the level of individual care patients receive from health professionals.

With the pharmacy dispensing 2,000 to 3,000 medications on an average day, using the latest technology is one more way capital regional medical center is safe guarding their patients' health.

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