High Schoolers Experience FSU Medical School

The formula for FSU's College of Medicine mission seems simple; if you want doctors who will work in rural areas, recruit rural students. For the next three weeks the university is bringing in high schoolers from Chattahoochee to Palm Beach County.

Florida high schoolers are getting an up close look at the field of medicine. It’s part of the FSU College of Medicine's RIPE program, or Rural Introduction to Pre-medical Education.

Brett Thomas, a Rickards High School senior, says, “We're going to get to shadow doctors and ask them questions like ‘where did you go to medical school?’ and ‘how was the MCAT?’”

The 15 high schoolers mostly from rural areas will live on campus for the next three weeks, and they'll get an even better idea of college life as they put in 12-hour days.

Coordinators say this program is just the beginning for these students.

Dr. Rodney Reeves, coordinator for the FSU Outreach program, says, “The idea is to keep up with the students. Encourage them during their formative years so they apply to med school and health professions and then return to their community as health care professionals.”

Students were selected based on criteria such as GPA and performance in college prep courses.