CBS Housebuilding

Last year we featured a Tallahassee couple whose dream came true before millions of television viewers.

Dwain and Penny Dyer needed more living space after having quadruplets. The children are now in their terrible two's. Construction began Monday on the family's dream home.

Dwain and Penny Dyer served last year as guests on CBS's The Early Show along with their quadruplets, three girls and one boy.

Penny says, “It was a big adjustment for our marriage, but it's been so great. The kids are just wonderful. We couldn't have asked for anything better."

The Dyer’s, who will be married seven years in September, needed more living space. Right now the couple lives in a trailer with all four babies in one room.

Penny adds, "I think about the times when the kids were nine months old and we were just exhausted."

Dwain says, "It's great to know that they will have their own little space to get a away from each other. They're already driving each other crazy. It's cool that they'll have their own bedroom and huge yard to play in."

The Dyer’s say watching the construction of their brand new five bedroom home has been a blessing, and with their future living arrangements now taken care of it allows them more time to concentrate on other things.

Penny says, "We've started a prepaid college fund for the kids, and all that stuff, so now we feel like a regular family. We don't have to worry about the financial burdens as much as normal people do."

The Dyer’s say their dream home should be complete near the beginning of November.