Valdosta Gets New Department of Labor Facility

After two years in the making, the Georgia Department of Labor is calling a new building on South Ashley Street home.

Susan Dukes, Career Center manager, says, "The department tries to bring its services to the people who need those services. I think this building does that. We have areas not only for our job seeking customers, but we also have great facilities for our employer customers."

Job seekers say having so many services in one building and having that building be in one very central location is much more of a convenience for folks in this area.

Pamela Hamilton, a job seeker, says, "I think it's actually better because of those people who live out of town, in addition to the people who could not have a ride to get to the other buildings which were across town, it's now more in walking distance of those that may be underprivileged or may not have a ride to get to it, so I think it's very convenient.”

The new facility now provides the services of the Labor Department's Career Center and vocational rehabilitation hub and regional office under one roof.

In addition to its customer friendly design, job seekers say the new home will be attractive to employers.

Hamilton says, "Technology looks to be up to date, very up-to-par, as well as the business design. I think it'll be very inviting to new industries coming into the town. I think it'll be good for the city. I think it'll be good for the state of Georgia as a whole so I think it'll be good."

Officials also encourage everyone to take advantage of the 25 new lobby computers. Officials say the size of the building makes this office the largest Department of Labor in south Georgia.