FAMU/TCC Partnership

TCC leaders are expressing their disappointment after FAMU trustees "vote down" a long awaited partnership. The agreement's purpose was to increase the number of transfer students from the community college to the university.

FAMU Board of Trustees met via teleconference Tuesday to address concerns over a potential partnership between TCC and FAMU. The agreement would place FAMU faculty on TCC's campus as well as establish a strong presence to encourage students to get their bachelor's degree at FAMU.

After an hour and a half of debate, Florida A&M University Board of Trustees voted six to five to not move forward with the TCC partnership. A main reason is that faculty were unhappy with the deal, saying more innovative and less costly strategies should be explored.

In a written statement, TCC president Bill Law called the rejection “a disappointment”, adding the fact that only 278 students from TCC are enrolled at FAMU signals a problem that needs to be addressed.

By contrast, more than 3,000 are enrolled at FSU. FAMU trustees say they plan to examine FSU's partnership with TCC.

FAMU now plans to develop a new aggressive model to recruit not only TCC, but community college students across the board. However, Dr. Law says the model FAMU voted against has been highly successful for three other colleges on campus.