Inheritance Scam

Local authorities want to warn folks about the latest Internet scam going around, a scam they are calling a twist to the so-called Nigerian Scam.

Authorities are calling it the Inheritance Scam and someone locally has been tricked by it, but police say don't be fooled. It could get your identity stolen along with thousands of dollars of your money.

The Nigerian Scam proved to be very successful to some professional scam artists. Now, police say another version is in the mix called the Inheritance Scam.

George Creamer says, "Someone claims they are trying to get an inheritance to a lost relative. They'll tell them we have a large amount of inheritance and we need to get it to the next of kin.”

Police say the scammer may even have a name of the deceased relative. You'll be asked to confirm information to get the money wired to your bank and you'll be told a lawyer from out of the country has to collect fees to complete the transaction.

Bill Bierbaum says, "People should be very careful. If somebody calls your home, contacts you through e-mail for no reason asking for personal identification, you should not give your birth date, social security number."

Police say the scam is not widespread here yet but they say at least one Tallahassee woman has already fallen victim. Authorities are trying to locate the scam artist or artists who they believe is out of state.

Creamer adds, "The main thing is that it's never too late to go to the police if you've been duked. Anytime you get something like this that seems too good to be true, it probably is."

We could not show the e-mail received by the woman tricked by the scam because the investigating is ongoing. Fortunately she contacted police before she sent any money.

Police say the person or people running this scam are probably from another country, so they say to look for a lot of grammatical errors or misspelled words in the e-mail.