TPD Increase Patrols in Response to String of Burglaries on Southside

Businesses in the southern triangle are anxious to see if it'll work and how long it'll last. The owner of Enchanted Garden Antiques blames thieves for putting her out of business.

Flora Williams says, "I have to close my business because I can't afford to keep replacing all this stuff. It's a big loss." Her shop has been burglarized four times.

There are more than 20 unsolved burglaries in the southern triangle so far this year. Complaints from businesses earlier this month have prompted increased patrols and the Sheriff's Department has named a liaison to help businesses with burglary prevention, but LT Jimmy Williams points out that solving burglaries is not easy.

LT Jimmy Williams of the LCSO Crime Prevention Unit says, "At the Sheriff's Office here in Leon County we had roughly 200 complaints of commercial burglaries and we solved, by arrest, a little over 20 of them, so we're right on the state and national average of around 10 percent."

Business owner Edward Cornelius is putting up a sign to scare crooks. He says he's heartened by the renewed attention from law enforcement but says the proof will be in the pudding.

Edward Cornelius of Mar-Ked Inc. says, "They've got to put more resources down here. If they don't put the resources here, the people will come back, and if they don't we'll scream more and go to county commission meetings, make our voice heard and do everything we can to embarrass the Police Department and Sheriff's Department if they don't do their job."

The southern triangle is a mostly commercial area bound by Woodville Highway to the east, Capital Circle to the south and Crawfordville Highway to the west.