Health Matters: Summer Safety for Kids

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It may surprise many to hear that accidental injuries are the leading cause of death in American children ages 14 and under. With kids out for summer that means they'll be spending more time outside. In this Health Matters, Emergency Room experts offer tips on how to make sure your children enjoy a safe and active summer.

The kids may be anxious to get outside, but parents should be aware of the numerous safety risks their children may face. Emergency Room Dr. Anhbu Nguyen says one initial precaution should take place before your child even leaves the house.

“You want to make sure that your kids have access to fluids, that they take interval breaks if they’re going to be playing out in the sun and that they stay well hydrated.”

If your children enjoy bicycling, there are three guidelines all parents should be well aware of.

Susie West, the director of the Emergency Department at Capital Regional Medical Center, says, “You should have reflectors on your bicycle, you should make sure that you wear a helmet and it's especially important to stay away from traffic and ride in safe areas.”

As more than half of drownings among children ages one to four occur in residential swimming pools, safety around the poolside is imperative.

Susie adds, “Make sure that you that you have a pool fence so that you can keep children away from that and that it's always locked. Also is that teaching children to swim as soon as possible is very important.”

Dr. Nguyen also encourages parents to prepare themselves in the event of an emergency.

Anticipating the potential hazards involved in your children's summertime activities could easily prevent a serious accident each year, more than 92,000 children are permanently disabled by preventable injuries.

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