New Laws in Georgia

Georgians will be ushering in dozens of new laws Thursdays, laws that some folks aren't welcoming with open arms.

Beer drinkers in Georgia will have more variety beginning July 1. The "gourmet beer bill" allows bars to sell international beer with an alcohol volume of 14 percent. Right now beer is limited to six percent.

Matt McMomb, visiting from Scotland, says, "Back in Scotland all international beers are available freely and causes trouble. I think the rules should not be changed, they should leave it the way it is."

Another new law that doesn't sit very well with some Georgians requires children six and under to be in a car seat. Right now it's ages five and under.

Ursula Cone, who is against the car seat bill, says, "When they get four years old they want to grab their seat belt and they don't want to be strapped down in a booster seat. With obesity going on a lot of kids aren't going to be able to fit in a car seat."

Other new laws require motorists to move wrecked vehicles off roads and streets if they are drivable. Another helps find ways to trim the costs of Georgia's HOPE Scholarship.

Another law allows for civil lawsuits against anyone damaging monuments created in honor of military personnel. Georgia's 2005 fiscal year budget also goes into effect July 1, resulting in major spending cuts in both education and health care and about 1,600 state jobs may also be eliminated.

The new budget also delays a two percent pay raise for teachers and state workers until January 1. There are about 100 new laws going into effect Thursday.