Grease Fire Prevention Tips

A local county fire department is making a huge impact on folks in their area. Lowndes County Fire and Rescue is showing residents firsthand just how dangerous grease fires can be.

It can happen in the blink of an eye.

"Now this would be like you're cooking French fries and the telephone rings or you're cooking fried chicken and the phone rings. You forget about the pan and now you have ignition," says Jim Fielding, Lowndes County Fire Chief.

Firefighters say grease fires are one of the leading causes of apartment and kitchen fires. The firefighters are taking their demonstration to the streets and educating folks about how to handle these types of fires.

Jim adds, "You don't put water in a grease fire. No grease fire should have water injected into it. If you do you're going to have a violent reaction like you saw today."

Firefighters say that the most important things to remember in the case of a grease fire is to grab the lid that's already sitting on your counter. Slide it over the fire and turn off your stove and this will easily and effectively extinguish that fire.

"Either they're not aware of what to do or they may have just panicked," says firefighter Ken Carter.

Firefighters strongly encourage folks to purchase fire extinguishers as another effective method for putting out grease fires. Fire officials also warn folks of potential burns by grabbing the pan in the event of the fire. They also say should a fire break out folks should immediately call 9-1-1.