Early Morning Drive-By

The search is on for a seventh possible suspect in an early morning drive-by shooting.

Six suspects have been arrested in connection with this case, but investigators say their work is not done yet as they continue to search for a seventh suspect in this nearly fatal shooting.

The normally quiet stretch of Ponderosa Drive was awoken in the early morning hours as a car filled with several people drove by firing gunshots into homes. A teenage boy was struck by one of the bullets and investigators say he's lucky because the bullet only grazed his head.

LT Brian Childress, Valdosta Police Spokesman, says, "It grazed his forehead here, and he had a laceration. You're talking inches and it would have, God knows what would have happened to him. He could have been killed."

Police say the suspects then fled into this apartment and refused to come out once police arrived. Authorities obtained a search warrant to enter the home.

"Instead of entering the residence our tactical team elected to use pepper spray canisters, they threw those through a couple of windows and forced everybody to come out."

Six suspects were arrested and have been questioned all day.

"I can tell you they are all going to be charged minimally with obstruction of law enforcement because they did acknowledge we were there, but they would not come out. Obviously there will be additional charges coming."

A brother of one of the suspects refused to speak on camera, but says he hopes this serves as a wake up call to all the suspects that they must obey the law.

Valdosta police have not released the names of the six suspects they arrested Wednesday morning because they are still searching for the other person, but authorities expect to release those names Thursday morning.

Investigators think this shooting may have been gang related, and if so the suspects could face even more charges.