Trial for 23-Year-Old Rape Case Continues in Tallahassee

The victim took the stand Wednesday afternoon describing the day 23 years ago when her trip to America turned ugly. We're not showing her face to try to protect her identity.

Back then she was 20 in search of a job and an adventure in America, but hitchhiking, which was common in her homeland of New Zealand. It nearly cost her her life in America. She was almost strangled to death with her own overalls.

"It was really tight. Straight away I put my fingers up to try to loosen it but it was way too tight and I just thought, uhh, this is such a squalid way to die," she says.

Fifty-five-year-old Willie Oliver is accused of beating and raping the young woman in the woods off Gearhart Road back in 1981. A DNA match led to his arrest in 2001 some 20 years later.

While the victim says Oliver has a similar profile and a similar build to the man who attacked her she admits a lot of time has passed and she can't be sure Oliver did it.

Oliver was arrested after his DNA matched DNA collected from the victim's underwear. Experts are expected to testify Thursday about the accuracy of DNA testing. We'll keep you posted.