Felon List Ruling

A Leon County judge has ruled in favor of CNN and several other media outlets that sued the state Division of Elections. The order makes way for the public to see and copy of a list of suspected felons in danger of being deleted from voter rolls.

Under Florida state law the list was considered a public record. Everyone could look at the list but the law granted only certain people to make copies. Now, that has all changed.

One women is one of the first people to snap digital pictures of a suspected felony voter list in Florida, a list that was kept secret until now.

Access was granted by a Leon County circuit court judge who ruled the list shouldn't be kept under wraps. We are about to get our copy of the ruling. The decision orders the state Division of Elections to immediately open the list for public inspection.

The documented decision says the list isn't considered a voter registration data base which is protected under Florida law.

Sancho hopes opening the list up to public probe and photocopy will avoid the debacle that plagued the 2000 election.

Ion adds, "I think it will help voting process continue in a way it should for 2004 election and reduce the chance for error on local level. Illegal disenfranchised from the roles."

Ion Sancho went on to say the Legislature needs to re-examine the law that addresses voter registration rolls.

We went to the state Division of Elections Thursday afternoon shortly after the ruling was announced, however, no one responded to our request for interviews and our calls were not returned.