Godby High Graduate on TV Game Show

Chants and cheers of patriotism rang out from the crowd on the set of Family Feud as members of the Navy and Air Force faced off on the popular game show.

Here in Tallahassee, a group of fans also rooted for one of their own.

"All I know is I got phone call saying mama I'm going to be on TV. He said I'm going to be on Family Feud,” shares Ezell Deshazier, the mother of a contestant. "I can't even say how I feel at this moment because my heart is bursting, I don't know whether to cry or laugh,” she adds.

Theodore Deshazier, a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force stationed in Germany, served as Captain of the Family Feud Air Force team.

“Just to see the excitement of her and the success of her son. It's just awesome and to be in the Air Force at this time just to see something happy happen is good,” comments family friend Renae Rollins.

Theodore helped his teammates win the first round of the game show and $20,000 in winnings, but the Air Force is not the only ones who gained bragging rights.

"They said you're son is not going to be on TV, and I said well you just watch it. I said you'll see him on TV and he's going to win,” Ezell says.

Theodore is a graduate of Godby High School, and round two of the game show featuring SGT Deshazier airs Friday at 10 a.m. right here on WCTV.