Lotto Fever...Again

The word is out and Lotto fever is back for a second time as the Mega Millions game has rolled. The jackpot has now reaching $280 million.

At the Texaco near the Florida/Georgia border folks have been lining up all day in hopes of picking the lucky numbers. The Mega Millions game is only played in 11 states, with Georgia being one of them and folks from neighboring Florida aren't the only ones with 280 million reasons to try their luck.

For some people the thought of being a millionaire 280 times over makes them literally go the distance to try their luck.

Jay Willis, the Texaco manager, says, "We have them come from as far away as California. I had on lady come in, she never played before but her sister called her from Kentucky and wanted her to send her some tickets. They'll come from the interstate, they'll find out about it and come straight here."

Deanna Hartford who came from Biloxi, Mississippi says she wouldn't miss taking a gamble at her chances for the world.

Deanna says, "We stopped to get gas this morning. I said let's get some tickets because we don't have the lotto in Mississippi. We have casinos, Louisiana has a big lottery, but we rarely go there."

Though folks feeling lucky flocked from all over, the manager of the Huds Texaco says the Sunshine State customers still take the cake in Lotto sales.

Keyona Smith, a Florida native, says, "You have a big chance to win and in Florida it's never like that so you have a bigger and better chance in Georgia, just trying my luck and hopefully I'll win."

Though the odds of actually winning may be one in about 21 million, folks who play live optimistically and say it's like the old phrase, “you've got to be in it to win it”.

The store manager here says its Florida customers have actually had the most part in making this store ninth in nation in Lottery ticket sales.

A store manager at the BP on Capital Circle in Tallahassee says their sales have always remained constant.