Half Staff

This Fourth of July will be filled with the traditional Independence Day festivities, fireworks and backyard bar-b-ques, but while celebrating our historical roots we'll be planting a new one as well.

The stars and stripes swaying in the breeze is a sure sign the Fourth of July is near, yet this Independence Day while remembering our history we'll being making it as well.

COL Glenn Sutphin, Legislature Director for the Department of Military Affairs, says, "As far as we know first Independence Day flag will be flown at half mast for our celebrations."

On June 5, President George Bush ordered all flags lowered in honor of President Ronald Reagan's death. The banner will remain that way for 30 days until the sun sets July 5.

Despite “Old Glory” flying at half-staff it won't dampen or downsize displays of patriotism. From a flag lined street to a billowing banner, the life and legacy of Reagan and our American pride will burn bright this Independence Day.

The time the flag flies at half-staff is different for different people. The president of the United States is 30 days, vice president 10 days and anyone else from the time of death until burial.