Pentagon Metro Shooting In Washington D.C.

Witnesses say robbers have the same basic description.
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(CBS/AP) A gunman opened fire at the subway entrance to Pentagon complex Thursday evening, wounding two Pentagon police officers before being shot himself.

Pentagon police officers told CBS News correspondent David Martin that two Pentagon police officers were wounded before the shooter was himself shot - once in the head and once in the shoulder.

At a press conference following the incident, Pentagon Police Chief Richard Keevill said the shooter approached the security screening area of the Pentagon looking calm and emotionless. Saying nothing,, he reached into his pocket - seemingly for a security badge - and instead came out with a gun, Keevill said.

Authorities said all three were taken to a hospital. None the injuries were thought to be life-threatening, said Chris Layman, a spokesman for the Pentagon Force Protection Agency. But Keevill said that while the officers received only "grazing" injuries, the injury to the gunman was severe.

Asked how many shots were fired, Keevill said "many."

Keevill said it was to his knowledge the first such incident in the Pentagon's history. He said he was pleased with the conduct of his officers and that the design of the security area - changed after the 9/11 attacks - helped prevent any bystanders from being injured in the exchange of fire.

The Pentagon was briefly sealed off because of the incident, but that lockdown has ended. The Pentagon Metro Station has been closed and trains are being diverted to the Pentagon City station.

Keevill would not reveal the identity of the officers or the shooter. He said the shooter was to his knowledge an American citizen and that several law enforcement agencies were chasing down leads related to incident.


WASHINGTON (AP) — A spokesman says two Pentagon police officers have been shot at the subway entrance to the military complex.

Pentagon police spokesman Chris Layman says the alleged gunman was also wounded. None of the injuries are thought to be life-threatening.

Layman says that at this point all they know is that the suspect approached the Metro subway entrance and opened fire.

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