Verdict Handed Down in Tallahassee Rape Trial

A verdict of guilty is handed down to Willie Oliver following days of testimony and a positive DNA match linking him to a crime that occurred in Tallahassee back in 1981.

Jack Poitinger, prosecutor, says, "It was not exactly an easy case. I did have that DNA match, but there was some issues that didn't make it exactly easy."

Jack Poitinger, who prosecuted the case against Oliver, says the rape victim who will neither be named nor shown has a sense of closure.

Jack says, "This perhaps closes a chapter on this event, but it won't change her life. What happened to her in 1981 will be with her for the remainder of her life."

This verdict also ends a chapter for Poitinger who spent years working on the case and says this one is his last.

Jack adds, "I thought I was going to be leaving earlier than I did. Consequently, decided that was not fair to hand the case off to someone else, or hand the victim off to anyone else.”

The defense attorney for Oliver declined comment on the ruling. A sentencing status hearing is set for Thursday, July 8.