Family of Police Shooting Victim Demanding Answers

On the night of Saturday, June 26, 45-year-old Louis Green was shot and killed by police in front of his father's house on South Meridian Road.

Family members are distraught and contend police used excessive and unnecessary force that night.

Barbara Ross, Louis Green's sister, says, "He didn't deserve this and this hurts. Then when they cover it up, that's the hurting part, when they try to cover it up."

Clottie Wise, Louis Green's sister, adds, "He called for them to pick him up and then he's going to come out with an axe? That wasn't Louis. Okay."

Several of Louis Green's family members joined ministers with the SCLC Friday morning to denounce the police shooting, suggesting that officers on scene planted the axe to justify it.

Onya Roberts, a witness, says, "The axe, you can cancel that one. I was there. It was a stick, no axe.”

Reverend Andrew Anderson of SCLC adds, "I think it's revenge because of the murder of Green. OFC Green, who was killed a few years ago, so now it's open season. Mr. McNeil, I think you need to control your police officers."

At that point, the police chief, who was there listening, had heard enough.

Walt McNeil, Tallahassee Police Chief, says, "That is absolutely absurd. The people making that kind of accusation are doing the community a grave disservice. They are going off half-cocked without knowing about the circumstances that took place."

The officer who shot Louis Green is relatively new to the force. Russel Huston is a 24- year-old FSU graduate who started working at TPD in January 2003. For now he remains on administrative leave.

TPD is conducting an investigation into the shooting, and assistant state attorney Warren Goodwin says a grand jury will review the case in August, assuming all reports and forensics tests are complete.