Residents Worry After Nightclub Shooting

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Charles E. Harper, known to family and friends as "Elliott", lived on Hardin Street in Quincy before he moved to North Carolina for college.

He was home for a visit and decided to go out to the club when he was fatally shot in front of Top Flite.

Harper's parents didn't want to speak on camera but say they're in disbelief, and residents living near the club agree.

"Anytime we lose a life, it hurts," said resident Emily Moore.

This isn't the first time someone has lost their life near Top Flite. Tallahassee resident Antonio Steele was killed near there three years ago, a victim of a gunshot wound to the neck.

Still, police say Top Flite shouldn't be singled out.

"Top Flite has been down there for at least 15 years and to my recollection they've had problems in the past, in the past several years, but I don't think they've had anything more than any other nightclub," said John Creamer.

The difference, some locals say, is that Top Flite is just yards away from a residential area.

Some residents say they want better security at closing time. Others want the club gone completely.

"To me it's very dangerous because suppose it comes through my window, you know what I'm saying? Maybe it could have been me or one of my great grands or who knows who could be laying in a hospital or in a morgue somewhere," said Dorise Brown.

Police are continuing to investigate the entire incident.

One suspect in this shooting, Jimmy Ray Hair, Junior, is now facing charges of second degree murder and shooting from a vehicle.

Another suspect may also face criminal charges.

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