Locals Give Back During Holiday Blood Drive

Hundreds of folks in Tallahassee are giving the gift of life in its simplest form. It's as American as a savory slice of apple pie, that's the slogan these guys are banking on as they scramble to gather pints and pints of blood.

“Donating blood really became prevalent in WWII, so you think of America, WWII, Apple Pie, and it is really American to donate blood,” explains SCBC Communications Director Carol Daws.

It's seems to be rubbing off as more and more folks pause to give a sweet gift to their fellow Americans over this patriotic holiday.

“I do it because it's a good feeling. Next time I'll make 11 gallons, so every eight weeks!” says donor Bill Messervy.

Messervy's donations help, but the need continues to grow.

You see, blood has a shelf life of only 35 days and only six-percent of America’s population donates. This is a problem officials are trying to resolve, especially during one of the most fatal holiday weekends each year, when officers say more than 500 people will die in traffic accidents.

“We want to make sure there's a lot of blood in case, unfortunately, a tragedy happens,” Daws adds.

The National Blood Service says you can donate blood three times a year at the age of 17 and older.

The Southeastern Community Blood Center will be holding their blood drive through July 10, if your interested simply stop by the center on Riggins Road in Tallahassee.