FSU Pirate Ship Search

A crew from FSU will soon set sail on a unique adventure. An anthropologist and her students are heading to the Mediterranean Sea in search of pirate ships.

The Florida State University Anthropology Department already had an adventure in the Black Sea. Wednesday, FSU professor Cheryl Ward is again setting out into unchartered territory, this time in the Mediterranean.

While at sea remote sensing will be used to find artifacts such as shipping jars like the ones found in the Black Sea, or the real prize, an actual pirate ship!

FSU anthropology graduate student Rachel Horlings will also head to the southern coast of Turkey. While searching for pirate ships may strike some people as odd, she says she treasures the whole concept.

Rachel says, “I often have a sense of awe knowing you are the first person to see this in however many years is an incredible feeling.”

The goal of the expedition is to learn more about what is referred to as the "pirate's nest". Researchers say everything they uncover in Turkey will remain in Turkey.