Family Dollar Fire

Folks in Quitman, Georgia are in shock over the loss of a popular convenience store in their area. A fire completely destroyed the Family Dollar store.

For many folks in this small town the Family Dollar store was their primary one-stop shopping source. The loss of this store means a 15-minute drive into Valdosta for folks to get the supplies they used to conveniently purchase down the road.

For one woman, looking at the remains of the Family Dollar meant a tragic end to the store she had shopped in every day for years.

Candice Christian, a Family Dollar shopper, says, "I was shocked when I saw it ‘cause I'm used to shopping there. It's right down the street from my house and everything and it was very convenient for me. I could either walk or drive and that's one of the main places I used to shop at."

Fire officials are saying this is a complete loss. The only things that managed to escape the intense heat and flames were Little Debbie cakes.

A Family Dollar spokesman says the fire claimed more than $200,000 of store merchandise. Fire officials say Monday’s shipment of cleaning supplies and lighter fluid contributed to making this fire so intense.

Robert Durden, Quitman Fire Chief, says, "It’s right up there at the top. We've has a few bigger than this, but this one is right up there in the top 10 I'd say."

Fire officials are still working to determine the cause for Monday night's fire. Fire officials say with the combined efforts of the Quitman Fire Department and Brooks County volunteers the fire was contained in about one hour.