Pavo Curfew Plan

A proposed city ordinance may change the lifestyles of some minors in Pavo, Georgia. The City Council will vote on a curfew for minors. Local police are in favor of it for what they say will keep the streets safer and protect these minors.

Pavo, Georgia's Chief of Police says local law enforcement has had its fair share of crime, and what's more troubling is that most of the crimes involve kids 18 and under.

Chief Gerald Causey says, “As small as we are we have two or three gangs. These kids, they get out here get together, they see too much TV about gangs and they set up their gangs and get out here and hurt each other."

A proposed ordinance says no one under 18 years of age shall be in or upon public streets, highways, parks or public places between 11 and 5 a.m. Sunday through Thursday or midnight and 5 a.m. Friday and Saturday.

The ordinance gives police the authority to question the minor and take him or her into custody until a parent arrives.

Resident Michael Green says, "I don't understand why anyone under 16 would be on the streets at that time of night anyway."

"It's for the simple reason to make parents aware that we are going to call them every time these kids are out. We’re going to ask them why these juveniles are not at home," says Chief Causey.

Causey says the purpose of the ordinance is to protect minors and also make parents and guardians more responsible for their kids’ actions.

There are several exceptions to the ordinance, one being if the minor is on public property after hours, he or she must be accompanied by an adult. There's a meeting on Thursday at 7:00 in the City Hall. The council will give the first vote at that time and the public is urged to come out and voice their opinions.