Local Voters Speak Out on Kerry's V.P. Pick

Kerry chose North Carolina Senator John Edwards, and folks in Tallahassee have plenty to say about it.

"I am pleased to announce that with your help the next Vice President of the United States of America will be Senator John Edwards of North Carolina,” Kerry announces.

John Kerry made his announcement at a campaign stop in Pittsburgh. His former rival John Edwards was now his choice for V.P.

"His coming from the common man and knowing how the working person is dealing with issues and the economy and so forth, I think just both of them together makes a dynamic, strong ticket,” says Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Allie Merzer.

Phones at Florida’s Democratic Party have been ringing off the hook since the announcing. And folks near the capital had plenty to say about the Kerry-Edwards combo.

"I've all along thought John Edwards would be a good choice on the ticket and I think it'll bring some younger voters,” says voter Jackie Sweat.

"Bob Graham was my first choice, I would be wrong if I said anything different, but I am pleased, very, very pleased,” voter Felicia Jackson shares.

"It'll be very close. I think if we still see body bags coming home and the economy dips below 10,000 I think people will probably make a change. I hope not, I support the President,” says voter Roy Young.

"I don't think he really brings much to the ticket. I think the record the President and the Vice President have on leading the nation in times of uncertainty really sets them apart and makes them the clear choice,” adds voter Adam Shores.

Edwards placed second in Florida’s Democratic Primary earlier this yea, and Republicans are quick to point out Kerry repeatedly criticized him for a lack of experience.

"If you say somebody is not qualified to be president and you're very emphatic about it, then you turn around and want them to be your running mate for the highest office in the land, you have to question people's judgment,” explains Carole Jean Jordan, Chairman, Florida Republican Party.

The Republican Chair is already calling Florida "Ground Zero" in this Presidential horse race, and Democrats are predicting a close finish.