Music Therapy

Isn't it funny how sometimes just a simple song can get you out of that bad mood or lazy state? Studies show music can do a lot more than that, it even helps people with devastating diseases. Here's more about a local program.

Research shows music helps patients in areas such as pain, anxiety, coping skills and mood elevation.

Judy Nguyen of the TMH Medical Music Therapy Program, says, “Music affects people in different ways. I use it sometimes to get me motivated to clean my house, so if it can help someone feel better, why not?”

On a daily basis, she and FSU music therapy intern Brett Miller see patients in more than a dozen areas.

Brett says, “It’s great to be here and work with the endless possibilities from premature babies to Alzheimer’s patients.”

Along with soothing the worries of little fellas, the service is free and keeps nurses from having to sedate children during nerve wracking procedures. To eliminate sedation and use music to keep the children engaged works, well and as soon as they are done they can go home.

About 150 to 200 patients receive the music therapy service every month. Researchers say the field is growing and being studied at universities across the United States.