Protect Against Diseases

In other health news, new numbers show that south Georgia children are among the best protected from dangerous diseases before they start school. South Georgia has the third highest immunization rate in the Peach State and it translates into better health for people of all ages.

More than 91 percent of all children in south Georgia are getting their required immunization shots before heading off to school for the first time.

Jennifer Steedley of South Health District says, "We're third in Georgia, we had a 91.3 percent rate of immunization which was up almost ten percent from last year. Just by going out and having you child immunized, it helps protect the teachers in the classroom, the other students in the system and other adults even at home."

The numbers are not good for other parts of Georgia, but several local counties saw their rates reach the highest mark possible.

"We do have three counties in our district that have 100 percent immunization rate. Cook County, Echols and Lanier Counties all have 100 percent."

Local public health officials say with the start of school just a month away, now is the time to get these required shots.

"There may be a rush at health departments. To avoid long lines it’s better to go ahead now in the middle of the summer and get those immunizations taken care of."

Cost should not be a factor as Georgia public health departments offer the shots for $10 a piece, and even better deals can be found at immunization parties, which will take place again in Lakeland at the end of July.

If your child needs to be immunized they should get the shots this summer, but there is a month grace period.