Help for Teens Seeking Summer Employment

With gas prices on the rise and the demand for the latest fashions, teens are always in need of a few extra bucks.

What started out as a summer job for Florida High graduate Mary Thielen turned into a full-time opportunity.

Mary says, “I didn't want to wait tables or a fast food restaurant so I tried to find something I can do part-time and during the summer full-time, so this was a great opportunity."

But sometimes it can be difficult to find that dream job. Organizations like Big Bend Work Force are a resource for those on the hunt.

Zsa Zsa Ingram-Fitzpatrick, teen employee coordinator, says, "Our youth program provides opportunities and workshops that will help them into the world of work all during the year."

This program like others helps teens looking to enter the work force.

Zsa Zsa adds, "The first thing I would suggest [is] they prepare themselves. They need to look at themselves and find skills, interests that they have that may be helpful to an employer."

So if making a couple of extra bucks is your goal this summer, hitting that mark could only be a couple of steps away.

If you are a teen looking for a summer job, call Work Force Plus at 922-0023.