More Health Services Coming to Gadsden County

Health officials are now expanding medical services to help meet the needs of folks in the rural community.

Debbie Danforth is the sole nurse practitioner at Gretna's Wellness Center providing indigent care for folks in the rural community.

Debbie says, "They had close down the Chattahoochee Health Department and most of the people in Gretna don't have cars to travel to Quincy and they're able to walk to the clinic to be seen."

Ella Brown was diagnosed with diabetes six years ago. Brown says the clinic has made it easier for her to maintain the potentially deadly disease.

"This clinic helps a lot of people in Greta. It helps us from going way to Quincy paying someone to take us. I wouldn't take anything away from the clinic in Gretna,” says Ella.

In fact, health care officials are working with both Florida A&M's Nursing School and Florida State School of Medicine to provide additional services to better serve the folks in Gretna and surrounding areas.

Jerry Wynn, director of the Gadsden County Health Department, says, "We're doing Pediatrics, adult care and public health so it's growing in a partnership with the medical community. They've responded, they're good providers."

In addition to providing quality care, medications are also given to help treat the patients. The clinic is open Thursday and Friday only. Pediatric patients will be seen on Thursdays from 9 to 12 noon. Officials are hoping to expand services to Monday through Friday.