Accudose System at Archbold Hospital

A new medication dispensing system is now in use at Archbold Hospital. Staff members say it's a safer way to get the proper dose to patients, resulting in fewer errors.

It's called Accudose, a computerized medication dispensing system. It saves nurses the time of having to do everything by hand while improving patient safety overall.

Hospitals have to constantly strive to reach the high standards in an effort to better serve their patients. The staff at Archbold Hospital say technology has allowed them to do so through the medication dispensing system called Accudose.

Mary Mustian, the interim Director of Pharmacy, says, "It provides a safer medication deliver system. What this does is makes sure the pharmacist has approved the order first prior to the nurse giving the drug. If the patient needs a medication that’s been ordered, the nurse goes in and selects [the] drug off their order and the draw opens and the medication is available."

Accudose keeps drugs stocked on the floor at all times and nurses say it helps cut down on manual labor; there's less error and it saves time.

Susan Morris, a Registered Nurse, says, "Each time you access the machine the drug is counted. It eliminates the time when the nursing staff has to count with each other. Previously we were having to do that three times a in a 24-hour period going through each drug."

Nurses also say they are able to get the medication to patients quicker, benefiting both patients and hospital staff.

Mustian adds, "It will provide a good manufacturing of inventory. It provides good record keeping for documentation, so I think we like it. We are getting some really positive feedback from nurses."

Officials with Archbold say the hospital is very fortunate to have Accudose because community hospitals usually can't afford that kind of technology. By the end of the year a robot that dispenses medication will be in use in the pharmacy of the hospital, streamlining work for the staff even more.