Democratic Duo

The road to the White House is heating up as the democratic duo of Kerry and Edwards kick off a four-day tour of states that could go either way this November.

Florida is one of the states on the list and some consider it ground zero. After posing for their premier photo, John Kerry and John Edwards are off on the campaign trail. One of their first stops is Florida, a key battleground state in the election.

But republicans aren't going to sit by and let the democratic duo dash their dreams of domination, yet adding a bit of southern charm to the presidential ticket could make a difference in pushing the Swing State in the democratic direction.

Lance DeHaven-Smith, a professor at FSU, says, "In this area are rural white conservative voters in the Panhandle and they are inclined to vote for southerners."

But balancing out the ballot with a little southern comfort isn't a new approach in the political arena.

Lance adds, "It's not unlike the JFK and LBJ ticket. LBJ was from Texas and JFK was from Mass. The attempt to balance the north and the south isn't anything new and it's a proven method."

After all, JFK did win over the sunshine state and went on to become the 35th president of the United States.

John Kerry and John Edwards will make an appearance in the Tampa, Florida area Wednesday night, and end their four day tour in John Edwards’ home state of North Carolina for a rally.