Land Use Regulations

Grady County officials have taken the first step toward preserving land. Their proposed new ordinance is designed to regulate the number of race tracks and service stations going up in the county, among other structures.

Grady County has its share of both wide open spaces and built-up city blocks, but in order to keep it that way there has to be limits placed on development.

Greg Lawler, in favor of land use control, says, "I don't believe someone should be able to just throw up buildings or motocross tracks or factories and such because you're destroying the land, destroying the history of the land."

County commissioners are in the beginning stages of drafting an ordinance that would give them more control over land uses within unincorporated areas. They made a list of things the public may find undesirable such as junk yards, landfills, race tracks and service stations.

William P. Gainey, in favor of land use control, says, "I used to be in the hog business and I know how it stinks! I would hate for somebody to put up next to me and raise hogs."

"You wouldn't want a barroom set up next to a church, you know? They should have control over it!" adds Bill Bishop.

Revisions to the ordinance are underway, and once commissioners are satisfied they say they hope to hold public hearings on the subject.

Commissioners say setback requirements on chicken house operations and landfills are being discussed, and adult entertainment structures would be prohibited within the county.