Convicted Rapist Sentenced

Thursday afternoon Willie Oliver was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole, the maximum penalty for his crime.

"That would have been the maximum under '81 law, and of course now today, it would still be the maximum, that hasn't changed,” explains prosecutor Jack Poitinger.

But Poitinger says some things have changed. If Oliver had been sentenced under current law, he would have gotten life without the chance of parole.

"He could either elect to be sentenced under the law that was in effect in 1981, which there were no guidelines, or he could elect to be sentenced under the guidelines which exist today, known as the criminal punishment code,” Poitinger says.

Since Oliver was sentenced under '81 law, if the chance ever comes that Oliver is released on parole, he will not be listed as a sexual predator.

"Obviously there is going to be an appeal, and whether or not this case is over remains to be seen. But, it's over for me,” adds Poitinger.

Oliver has the right to appeal the ruling within 30 days, which he says he will.

The victim in this case was not present during the sentencing, but Poitinger, who notified her earlier, says she was in agreement with the state's ruling.