Well-Known Tallahassee Prosecutor to Retire

Jack Poitinger is known for his dramatic courtroom tactics and for helping to put serial killer Ted Bundy behind bars. A trial that closed the books on a 23-year-old rape case marked the end of Jack Pointinger's career as a prosecutor.

Jack Poitinger says, "I've always felt like I was making the community safer every time I got a conviction, I felt well, I've eliminated that problem from the community and that's kind of what I'll miss."

Poitinger is best known for his dramatics in the courtroom. In this trial a few years ago he stunned the jury by pulling out a gun, not loaded, of course, and pulling the trigger again and again.

Willie Meggs, State Attorney, says, "His style is to make the jury care and what he does works. He has done some things that you kind of say 'wooh, wooh, wooh.’"

Those techniques are Poitinger's trademark, and while many defense attorneys call them questionable, they say there is no doubt Poitinger pushed the envelope and got a lot of convictions for it.

Greg Cummings, Defense Attorney, says, "I certainly think most of us in the defense bar will miss him because he challenged you to do your best."

Chuck Hobbs, Defense Attorney, adds, "The passion he has when he speaks in court and advocates for the citizens of the state of Florida is unrivaled in this area."

A recent retirement luncheon prompted stories from Poitinger's 40 years in the justice system including stints at TPD and LCSO where he was chief investigator in the case of serial killer Ted Bundy.

Poitinger says, "Interestingly enough, for the first few years that Ted was on death row he would send a card at Christmas that said wish you were here."

Poitinger will officially retire at the end of the month, but he has argued his last case.