Rental Car Insurance

If you're one of many Americans taking a vacation this summer, there's a good chance you'll be renting a car. Here are some pointers on what you should know before deciding to take the rental company's insurance coverage.

It’s a question most folks dread when standing at the car rental counter. To purchase or not purchase the rental companies insurance policy? What many Georgians may not realize is that their personal auto insurance extends to rental cars.

Don Allen, an insurance agent, says, "If they already have good coverage really there would be no additional benefit in Georgia. They're really duplicating an expense."

Several car rental representatives refused to go on camera, but they did say the best thing for folks to do is research their personal auto insurance policy and finances before deciding whether or not to accept their additional rental car insurance.

So why should folks ever agree to additional rental car insurance in Georgia?

Allen adds, "Let's say a person is carrying some basic coverages, no collision no comprehensive coverage for physical damage. In those situations they're really going to need to do something additional."

Agents say shortfalls in your personal coverage are why drivers opt to take the additional coverage in case of an accident.

Insurance agents say the amount of coverage on the rental car depends on each individual policy. Many times folks are still responsible for a deductible for something as minor as a fender bender.