Arrest Made in Tallahassee Murder

This is the seventh murder this year. Twenty-one-year-old Carlos Chaires is the latest victim

Police have arrested 25-year-old James E. "Roscoe" Brown. They say the first tip they received in this murder case came from the victim.

On Thursday, Carlos Chaires was killed after police say he was shot and then somehow ejected out of a moving van on South Adams Street. Police say it was the murdered victim who told them who to look for before he died, which resulted in the arrest of 25-year-old James E. “Roscoe” Brown.

Tallahassee police say it’s been a busy summer with murder cases, but not necessarily unusual.

Mark Wheeler says, "First of all, I would like to put the public at ease. These murders aren't related, there's no common thread."

One longtime resident of Tallahassee say this is unusual and he wants to see it all stop.

O'Neal Jackson, a concerned Tallahassee resident, says, "I think it's good a suspect has been caught, but I think too that things could have been prevented."

Some believe it’s time for the community to pull together.

Jackson adds, "These kids have got to realize I agree with Bill Cosby 100 percent, we have to improve or where are we going? We've got to improve this thing."

Brown is now charged with first degree murder and is being held in the county jail. Police believe this murder is related to illegal drugs.

TPD wants to say thank you to the citizen that saw a broadcast where the description of the suspect's vehicle was given, and then called it in to police, which led to the arrest.